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01/23/2017 – The Bob Kincaid Show

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01/23/2017 – The Bob Kincaid Show

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President Trump, who chided his opponents during the campaign for speaking Spanish, has made a tangible change to the White House website to eliminate bilingual access. The site , which the Trump administration took over on Friday, no longer includes an option for translation into Spanish or another that gives … Continue reading

Trump Bans The Public From Calling The White House To Comment Or Protest

When called, the White House switchboard states: “Thank you for calling the White House comments line. The comment line is currently closed but your comment is important to the President and we urge you to send us a comment online at or send us a message through Facebook messenger.” Trump really … Continue reading

Louisiana police chief pushes ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law to make resisting arrest a felony ‘hate crime’

From RawStory.Com President Donald Trump’s administration was quick to take action on inauguration day on a number of issues that defined his campaign. The Trump team published its law enforcement plans in a White House document titled, “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community.” Law-and-order and the “Blue Lives Matter” … Continue reading

The Norski Nudge and Lick the Lithuanian

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