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The war on the war on coal

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One Response to The war on the war on coal

  1. Trippin says:

    “I think it’s wrong for Kentucky.”

    Well, if you insist what’s right for the world is wrong for Kentucky, and you refuse to do a damn thing about it, you have no business seeking office. Because, Ms. Grimes, the world doesn’t owe Kentucky anything.

    My father was a coal miner, and worked in the industry for over fifty years. We didn’t have a pot to piss in. We literally owed our soul to the company store at the end of town. I too watched my father struggle with black lung, and after over fifty years of breathing coal dust, because of company doctors, he couldn’t get one goddamn dime in benefits. He got an engraved wristwatch.

    “I disagree with him [Obama] on guns…”

    Well, since the only gun laws Obama has passed permit them on Amtrak trains and in National Parks, you best put down that shotgun.